IL Congressmen react to President’s speech on Syria

Sep 10, 2013

Some Illinois Congressmen are having mixed reactions to President Barack Obama’s speech about Syria.  IPR’s Alex Keefe reports: 
 For now, the president is letting Congress off the hook from having to take a tough vote on attacking the Syrian regime for using chemical weapons. But Republican Congressman Peter Roskam - of Wheaton - says he’s skeptical about a diplomatic alternative - to let Syria turn over its weapons to Russia. ROSKAM: I have very low expectations of the Russians, based on their past behavior, and the fact that Syria is really a client regime. Roskam also says a limited strike against Syria wouldn’t change much - and wouldn’t be worth the trouble. But Democrat Jan Schakowsky - of Evanston - says she was stirred by the president’s graphic description of a Syrian father trying to rouse his children who had just been gassed. SCHAKOWSKY: Part of my decision is informed by my being a Jew, whose people were gassed and the world stood by. Schakowsky says she leans in favor of a military strike - if diplomacy fails.