Il Democratic Party endorses Quinn for Gov.

Sep 23, 2013

Gov. Pat Quinn addresses Democratic Party leaders Sunday in Springfield. Although he’s running unopposed in next year’s primary, he sought and won the official Democratic endorsement for re-election.
Credit Brian Mackey / Illinois Public Radio
Last week, Governor Pat Quinn saw his last serious Democratic opponent drop out, leaving him a straight shot to victory in next year's primary. So it was no surprise Sunday when the Democratic Party of Illinois officially endorsed Quinn for re-election. IPR'S Brian Mackey has more.

This year has seen a series of potential challengers to Quinn come and go, most recently former White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, who promised a vigorous campaign and repeatedly lashed out at Quinn.

It was in that climate that the Illinois Democratic Party set an endorsement meeting for Sunday.Then, Daley dropped out.

Democrats, however, followed through with the meeting and endorsed their incumbent governor. Speaking to politicians and activists at a Springfield hotel, Quinn says candidates need to work together.

"Working across our state, the regions of Illinois -- cities, suburbs, downstate; rural, urban -- we have to make sure that we carry the banner of the Democratic Party."

All the other Democrats running statewide were also officially endorsed, even though none of the them are expected to face serious opposition in next year's primary.