IL fracking registration begins for companies

Oct 3, 2013

It'll likely be next year before oil and gas companies looking to "frack" in Illinois can begin. But the registration process is underway.

 "Fracking" is controversial because it involves using high-volumes of water mixed with sand and chemicals to release oil and gas deep underground.

 Advocates of Illinois' new law says it's chock full of environmental safeguards.

 That means a lot of paperwork, and regulations.  Like a requirement that any driller wanting to "frack" first register with the state.

 "Registration in a nutshell would be a profile of a company, a snapshot of a company, making sure that they, yes - we do have insurance, if we have any violations…"

 That's Department of Natural Resources spokesman Chris McCloud, who says that's different than getting a permit.

 "The permit would be the more technical aspects of: here's what we want to do, here's where we want to do it, here's how far we're going to drill."

 McCloud says it'll be months before DNR accepts permits; he says the state is still working on a draft of rules that will be submitted for public comment and need a legislative panel's sign-off.