IL Gov. candidate weighs-in on ADM headquarters

Dec 10, 2013

A newly merged Office Depot chose to locate its headquarters in Florida, instead of Illinois.  A Republican candidate for governor says Illinois needs to hurry if it doesn't want a similar fate with ADM.

 Archer Daniels Midland is based in Decatur now, and no matter what plans to keep many of its operations there.  But it's searching for a new worldwide headquarters.

Chicago's in the running, but so are major cities.Earlier this month the Illinois Senate passed an incentive package -- one that gives ADM tax breaks in exchange for jobs -- but the House adjourned without a vote.

It's the same legislative wall met by Office Depot - which recently merged with Naperville-based OfficeMax.GOP Senator Bill Brady - who's running for governor - says Gov. Pat Quinn should call the House back to vote on the ADM deal.

"We lost OfficeMax because the House didn't act and the Governor didn't act.  This takes leadership. If you're going to keep jobs in Illinois and retain jobs in Illinois, it takes leadership on the part of the Governor."

Quinn continues to refuse to say whether he supports giving ADM a tax break. His office did not answer questions about Brady's proposal.The administration only sent a general statement saying it would work with companies looking to grow in Illinois.An ADM spokeswoman says the company will announce its decision "soon."