IL governor race gets negative

Mar 20, 2014

Each major party candidate for Illinois governor has wasted no time before going negative against his opponent. 

The candidates have been focusing on economic issues - each trying to portray the other as bad for the local economy. Republican venture capitalist Bruce Rauner says he wants to cut the income tax rate that was raised after Governor Pat Quinn’s election in 2010.

RAUNER: His tax hike is one of the reasons we have one of the highest unemployment rates in America and unemployment has increased and employers have left.

Illinois unemployment has actually dropped since August - but it’s still higher than the national percentage.

Meantime - Quinn has been repeating his call to raise the minimum wage, and criticized Rauner for saying earlier in his campaign that the minimum wage should be reduced...even though Rauner is personally wealthy.

QUINN: Well that’s not right. And everybody knows that’s not right. That really is heartless.

Rauner has since said he supports raising the minimum wage.