IL greenhouse gas reduction plan continues

Sep 30, 2014

Illinois regulators are continuing to develop a plan to reduce the state's output of greenhouse gasses. Environmentalists say they have Governor Pat Quinn to thank. Or do they?

Illinois has had clean energy targets for years, but this latest effort isn't part of that. Rather, the state's Environmental Protection Agency and commerce commission are preparing for a proposed federal rule. It would reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted from coal-fired power plants.

"So we stand here today with 20,000 -- more than 20,000 petitions addressed to Gov. Quinn thanking him for saying that he supports President Obama in rolling out this Clean Power Plan. "

That's Rev. Brian Sauder, who heads a religious environmental advocacy group. But does Quinn deserve that appreciation?

If, and when, the federal rule is put in place, Illinois will have no choice. It'd be a mandate. Sauder says, yes -- again, because Quinn has voiced support for the proposal.

In fact, other states are balking at the requirements --- some are suing to stop it.

While the emission reduction targets wouldn't be flexible, states -- and their governors - will get to decide how to reach them.