Il has one shot to appeal FEMA's decision on public assistance for tornado stricken communities

Jan 20, 2014

Illinois’ governor says he plans to appeal FEMA’s recent decision to deny more than 6 million dollars in public assistance to communities affected by the November tornados. FEMA spokeswoman Deanna Frazier tells Illinois Public Radio’s Sean Powers the state only has one opportunity to make its case.

That was FEMA spokeswoman Deanna Frazier speaking with Illinois Public Radio’s Sean Powers. Frazier says the state has 30 days to appeal from the time FEMA rejected the request for public assistance. She stresses public assistance is NOT related to individual assistance. People looking to apply for that type of assistance have until next Monday, January 27th. Frazier says that’s also the deadline to apply for homeowner and renter loans through the Small Business Administration.