IL House committee votes on Obama Presidential Library measure

Apr 17, 2014

A State House committee is advancing a plan to use 100 million dollars to build Barack Obama’s presidential library in Illinois.  But one Republican says the vote may have been illegal.  

Five Democrats attended a House committee hearing about the presidential library Thursday. But the measure passed by a vote of nine-to-zero.

Powerful House Speaker Michael Madigan is pushing for the Obama library. Under Madigan’s guidance, the chairman of the committee used the previous day’s attendance record from a hearing about gambling to approve the library money.

That means Republican State Representative Ed Sullivan, who was not at the library hearing, voted yes for the Obama library just because he attended the previous day’s hearing on a different topic.

"There’s a bigger issue here. They’ve broken the trust and I think they’ve done something illegal," says Sullivan.

Sullivan says he would’ve voted no, and he’ll be filing a protest against the maneuver. 

A spokesman for Speaker Madigan said the committee chairman did nothing wrong. The bill still needs the support of the full House of Representatives.