IL House passes medical marijuana bill

Apr 17, 2013

The Illinois House of Representatives approved the medical use of marijuana Wednesday. It's a milestone marking the first time the House has passed the legislation after years of failed attempts. IPR’s Brian Mackey has more.

The proposal has been introduced year after year, each time a little different to try to win majority support.

Many lawmakers say they were moved to vote yes after hearing from constituents. Rep. Mike Tryon, a Republican from Crystal Lake, says he visited a man whose legs had been amputated."There was no drug that worked for his phantom leg pain. The only thing that worked for his pain was the use of cannabis. That was very convincing," Lake says.Supporters say this would be the strictest medical marijuana law in the country. People wanting the drug would have to show they have one of 33 specific conditions, such as cancer, HIV, Lupus or Crohn's disease. There would be a limit on the number of farms and dispensaries, and they'd be tightly regulated by the state. It now goes to the Senate; backers say they're confident it'll pass. And the governor says he's open-minded about the proposal.