IL lawmaker calls on child welfare agency admins to resign

Dec 10, 2013

An Illinois State Senator is calling on top administrators running the state’s child welfare agency to resign.  That’s after they revealed the agency had mis-reported how many Illinois children died from abuse or neglect for the past several years.  

 Officials from the state’s Department of Children and Family Services say they’ve counted the number of kids who died from abuse or neglect wrong for the past five years.  Sometimes - one child was counted more than once.  The new numbers still show more kids are dying from abuse or neglect in recent years.  Two state senators attended a hearing into the matter Tuesday.

 State Senator Mattie Hunter - a Chicago Democrat - says she doesn’t trust anything department officials say about their own numbers.

 HUNTER: Every single one of you need to resign. Every single one of you need to resign. Because we are not getting the outcomes that we need to protect our children.

 Denise Gonzales is the acting director of the department. She says she won’t resign.  And she’s trying to build better communication between law enforcement and agency investigators to prevent more deaths.