IL Lawmaker confident on ADM tax break bill

Nov 7, 2013

The State Senator who has worked out a deal with Archer Daniels Midland says the company should remain optimistic about its chances for a state tax deal, even though the General Assembly adjourned without passing one.  ADM, currently based in Decatur, is searching for a new global headquarters. Executives are considering Chicago, but have also toured other cities.

Senator Andy Manar, a Democrat from Bunker Hill, is sponsor of a plan that would give ADM a tax break, IF it chooses Chicago. But Manar's plan also requires ADM to create new jobs in Decatur.  Manar says ADM should take encouragement because the plan made it out of a Senate committee earlier this week. But the Senate never voted on it.

 "I have to make sure the bill is absolutely right.  A bill of this size and importance, I want to make sure we have the votes. And I want to make sure that the bill, when it comes out of the Senate, is going to be received favorably in the House. Because ultimately we want the bill to be the law.  And I think these things have to be taken slowly."

 The General Assembly also left Springfield Thursday without taking up a tax package for Office Depot, the Florida-based company recently-merged with Naperville's OfficeMax. It's weighing whether to consolidate in Florida or Illinois.