IL lawmaker: smoking with minor in car should be illegal

Feb 18, 2014

An Illinois lawmaker wants to make it illegal to smoke in a car with a minor. Senator Ira Silverstein, a Democrat from Chicago, says it could spare children from second-hand smoke.

"It's very rare that we try to do something proactive. There's a Yiddish saying, 'Man plans and God laughs.' I don't know what the future has, but I'm trying to be proactive to prevent a child from getting cancer or anyone else getting sick."

Under the proposal,  police could not pull a driver over soley for smoking in a car with a child, but could face a fine if he is stopped for another  traffic violation. The American Lung Association backs the plan. According to the organization, children are more susceptible to illnesses, like pneumonia and bronchitis, caused in part by second-hand smoke.