IL lawmakers: don’t use internet for finding adoptive kids new home

Oct 29, 2013

Illinois lawmakers are trying to stop guardians from using the internet to get rid of their adoptive kids - without any oversight.  

 A handful of House members discussed re-homing on Tuesday.

 That’s when adoptive guardians who no longer want to care for the child - use internet message boards to find them new homes - with no formal foster care system.

 Last month - Reuters published a series on the topic - which included one Illinois family who solicited new guardians for a Liberian girl in their care.

 State Representative Sara Feigenholz highlighted the differences in Illinois restrictions between adopting a child and adopting a cat.

 FEIGENHOLZ: I am prohibited from rehoming my cat. I’m prohibited. I’ve signed a contract. My cat, as Representative Flowers said, has many more protections than the children that we’re talking about.

 Reuters reports 70 percent of kids listed on a Yahoo! message board were advertised as being born in a country outside the U-S.

 The head of Illinois’ foster care system doesn’t know how many kids from Illinois are re-homed.