IL lawmakers get pay restored

Oct 2, 2013

After going without pay for three months, Illinois legislators' paychecks are in the bank.  

Serving as a state senator or representative is technically a part-time job -- and for some, it is.  For others, it is a full-time gig and sole source of income. Which made it tough when Gov. Pat Quinn canceled General Assembly members' pay over the summer because they failed to pass legislation to cut pension costs. 

Last week a judge ruled Quinn's veto was unconstitutional.  The governor says he's appealing to the state supreme court. But in the meantime legislators have seen their pay restored.

Republican Rep. Ron Sandack, of Downers Grove, says he knows Illinois residents are frustrated with politics.

"But when people were making fun of folks not being paid, who were still working, I thought that was a little unfair."

He says legislators from both parties continued to work hard for their constituents, even when they weren't getting paid.

State lawmakers get a base salary of about $68,000; Sandack says his direct deposit covering his July, August and September checks came out to just over $15,000.