IL Republican Senate candidates have tough fight ahead, whoever wins

Mar 17, 2014

The two Republicans running for U.S. Senate in Illinois have just one more day to campaign before the primary. Whoever wins will have a tough fight in November’s general election.

Incumbent Democratic Senator Dick Durbin is one of the most powerful lawmakers in Congress.

But Republican Doug Truax - a healthcare consultant from Downers Grove - says Durbin is beatable.

TRUAX: But we have to have the right candidate to take him on. We don’t need somebody who’s going to Florida the week before the election. We need somebody who’s gonna fight him toe to toe.

Truax is referring to Jim Oberweis - a dairy magnate, state senator - and his opponent in the primary.

That trip to Florida? Oberweis says he was visiting his wife for her birthday.

He’s got more campaign cash than Truax - and says he’s willing to spend more of his own fortune in November.

OBERWEIS: I believe the voters of Illinois are looking for somebody with the experience, with the background, uh, and with the name recognition necessary to give Mr. Durbin absolutely the run of his life.

Meanwhile, Durbin is running unopposed in tomorrow’s Democratic primary.