IL Senate candidates trade jabs

Nov 25, 2013

On the first day they officially became campaign rivals, a Republican running for U.S. Senate took jabs at his primary opponent.  Businessman and West Point graduate Doug Truax questioned Jim Oberweis's tax practices.

Although he is a state senator from Sugar Grove, Oberweis's wife lives in Florida.  According to a recent report in the Chicago Sun Times, she moved there for tax reasons.Now, Oberweis is looking to run for higher office --- the U.S. Senate.  Truax says Oberweis should show better leadership.

 "If you're going to be on the state payroll and then set up a luxury tax shelter to avoid paying state taxes, that's, you know, most of us can't do that, I can't imagine why he think that would be okay."

 Truax says he can understand why someone who lost five races in the past eleven years might be looking to run in another state.

Oberweis is midway through his first term in the Illinois Senate.  Before that, he lost five races for public office ... including a previous attempt for the U.S. SenateA campaign operative who filed Oberweis's election petitions on Monday says his candidate will focus on his conservative record.  He says the race is not about candidates' wives or other family members.