IL Supreme Court allows disgraced Chicago Police Commander to keep pension

Jul 3, 2014

Disgraced former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge gets to keep his police pension. That’s thanks to an Illinois Supreme Court decision that came down Thursday. 

The justices ruled on a case that pitted the Illinois Attorney General against the police retirement board and Burge himself.

In 2011, the board allowed Burge to keep his roughly 46-thousand-dollar-a-year pension even after he was convicted of lying under oath about torturing suspects when he was with the police.

So Attorney General Lisa Madigan sued the board and Burge, saying the decision was a violation of the Illinois pension code.

In the ruling handed down, Justice Anne Burke writes that the decision on Burge’s pension, or any police pension, is up to the police retirement board alone, and the attorney general doesn’t have jurisdiction.

She also writes that the court’s decision is not meant to diminish the quote “seriousness of Burge’s actions or the seriousness of police misconduct in general.”