Il Supreme Court reverses appeals court ruling on Stoecker DNA Testing

May 22, 2014

The Illinois Supreme Court has overturned an appeals court ruling that a Peoria man deserved additional DNA testing in hopes of overturning his conviction for rape and murder. The ruling concerns the latest of many attempts by Ronald Stoecker to overturn the verdict that he abducted, sexually assaulted, and slit the throat of 15 year old Jean Humble of Peoria in 1996.

The High Court ruled Stoecker failed to prove new testing would likely produce a different result from DNA testing that already linked him to the crime. Stoecker is serving a life sentence.

Trial court evidence at the time also noted that Stoecker fled to Costa Rica immediately after the killing. It also said Humble lived long enough to describe her attacker and a red car, that the site of the assault near Wyoming in Stark County was near where Stoecker grew up, and that Stoecker's brothers were seen ripping out and burning the interior of a red car after the attack.