IL Supreme Court rules in favor of Burge's pension

Jul 3, 2014

  The Illinois Supreme Court says former Commander Jon Burge can keep receiving almost 4 thousand dollars a month from the Chicago police pension fund. 

 That’s despite a 2010 conviction for lying under oath about his role as the leader of a police torture ring.  

That 2010 conviction prompted a hearing of the police retirement board on Burge’s pension benefits.

The board tied on the question of whether a conviction for lying ABOUT his activities as a police commander was RELATED TO Burge’s police service.  The tie meant Burge’s benefits were safe.

Right after that, the Illinois Attorney General sued to block the payments, saying they violated the pension code.

But, in the 4-3 decision issued today, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled the A-G doesn’t have jurisdiction.

In a written statement, Burge’s attorney says his client is happy for the first time in a long time - both for himself and for all policemen whose pensions were protected by the decision.

For her part Attorney General Lisa Madigan said in a statement that she’s disappointed by the ruling because it will allow a torturer and convicted felon to continue getting his taxpayer-funded pension.