Illinois Central College offering "Walk-In Wednesdays"

Jul 29, 2013

Illinois Central College has an offering to help new and returning students register for fall semester.

“Walk in-Wednesdays” is a four-hour process including enrollment assistance, advisement and financial aid. Guy Goodman is the Vice President of Student Affairs for I-C-C. He says “Walk-In Wednesdays” aim to help students who believe they are out of time to enroll in school:

"And what 'Walk-In Wednesdays' will do, is it will give them an opportunity to know that, 'I can come in on any Wednesday, beginning this Wednesday, and know that from application to enrollment, I'm done. I don't have to set up an appointment, I don't have to come back - I can do it all in one stretch.'"

Students also have access to financial assistance including completing student aid applications in the one-stop shop. The program continues Wednesdays throughout the year.