Illinois House defeats gun control measure

Apr 18, 2013

A gun control measure was defeated Wednesday in the Illinois House. The proposal, modeled after  New York's law, would have let sheriffs decide whether an applicant has a compelling reason to carry a gun in public. Proponents like Democratic Representative Christian Mitchell of Chicago say it's a way to take regional differences into account.

"Nobody is saying that we're trying to take away guns for those who would try to have them.  There's a different need downstate, there's a different need downstate, there's a different need in rural areas, than there is in the city of Chicago."

But critics like Representative Jim Sacia of Pecatonica called it too strict.

"As tragic as the issue was in Boston on Monday, it verified that guns don't kill people.  Crazy people kill people."

The measure failed 31 to 76. Illinois lawmakers are under a court order to pass some version of a concealed carry law by early June.