Illinois Youth Survey shows surprising results

Aug 27, 2014

Teen drinking is on the rise in Tazewell County according to the 2014 Illinois Youth Survey.  More than 2,600 Tazewell County High School students took the survey. 

About a third of the twelfth graders reported consuming alcohol in the past 30 days. That’s up about five percent from 2012. And ten percent reported being drunk or high at school in the past year. The survey also shows more teens are driving under the influence of marijuana than alcohol. 

Sara Sparkman is with the Tazewell County Health Department. She says once a week in Tazewellcounty there is a DUI crash where someone is injured and teens need to realize any drug is considered driving under the influence.

“We are planning to do some roadside sobriety checkpoints, some law enforcement training, some community programs to continue to increase awareness about the dangers of Marijuana and the dangers associated with it.”

The survey results were presented by Tazewell Teen Initiative at its first Awareness Breakfast Wednesday. The focus of the Initiative is teaching youth about substance abuse prevention and promote safety through responsible behavior.