Improvements discussed for Rocky Glen

Jun 5, 2014

Credit Friends of Rocky Glen
Peoria’s Rocky Glen Park needs improvements before it opens to the public. Peoria Park District planning Committee member Jim Hancock discussed potential changes he wants to see for the historic park:

 “As Rocky Glen now sits it’s a pretty rough piece of property. In the long term we’d need the parking lot.  We’d like to develop some paths, but that’s a fine line we need to go up those paths and do you destroy what nature’s given us.  So, we’re years from doing that I think."

 The park contains sandstone outcroppings, lush vegetation and waterfalls. Currently the park is only open for guided tours once a month hosted by the Friends of Rocky Glen.  The next hike is this Saturday June 7th from 10 am to noon.  Hikers should meet at the gravel Parking lot next to Jimmy’s Bar on Farmington road.  Information on how to join a tour group can be found online at