Industry cautions on proposed state pet coke rules

Jan 22, 2014

The Illinois Pollution Control board is expected to consider new rules this week for the handling and storage of petroleum coke -- also known as pet coke.  Industry leaders say the rules aren’t needed.

The new rules are part of an “emergency action” announced by Governor Pat Quinn last week.

It grew out of the storage of thousands of tons of pet coke on Chicago’s southeast side.

The dust-like substance has angered residents ever since heavy winds blew some of it into surrounding homes last summer.

As a result, the Illinois Attorney General’s office has filed lawsuits against the companies involved.

The Illinois EPA is also taking a closer look statewide.

But Mark Denzler of the Illinois Manufacturers' Association says the new regulations shouldn’t be rushed. 

DENZLER: We don’t need to do this in the emergency. We’re willing to sit down and there are things that the EPA thinks can be done better, we’re certainly happy to have that conversation but it shouldn’t be rushed through in seven days.

The Illinois Pollution Control boards meets tomorrow morning in Chicago.