ISP approves instructors who will train those applying for concealed carry permits

Sep 25, 2013

Illinois gun owners are now a half-step closer to being able to legally carry concealed weapons. Fifty-four instructors have been approved by the Illinois State Police. They’ll be in charge of training the thousands of people expected to apply for concealed carry permits.

Daniel Schroeder is with the Metro Training Group in DeKalb. He’s also one of the first to earn the instructor designation. Schroeder says people are eager to start taking the sixteen hours of training they’ll need to get a permit, but state police officials still need to approve what they want taught.

"Wait. Wait until you can vet the training company, that you can vet the instructor, and that you can ensure that the instructor is teaching you an approved curriculum."

Schroeder says he’ll hire ten to fifteen people as trainers and assistants for the concealed carry classes. He has already started a waiting list for students, who’ll be at the head of the line when a curriculum is approved. The growing list of instructors is available at the State Police website. As many as one-thousand applied, and their applications are slowly moving through the review system.