Israeli Chamber of Commerce president visits Peoria

Aug 19, 2013

Israel wants to buy more products from the United States and fewer products from Europe.  That’s the message from members of the Israeli Chamber of Commerce during a stop at the Peoria chamber for a roundtable with local businesses.  Dan Carmely is with the Israeli Chamber.  He says Europe‘s gloomy economic outlook isn’t reliable enough:

 “A lot of countries have bankruptcy,m they have very big problems with their economy.  We cannot assume that their products will get to Israel,” Carmely says.  

 Carmely says the Israeli Chamber wants to add to its business relations beyond U.S. machinery, and into areas including medical service and food products from small and medium-sized businesses.  The outreach is part of a nation-wide tour for the Israeli Chamber officials, who travel to the Quad Cities next week.  They visited part of the Illinois River, the Riverfront Museum and Caterpillar Visitors’ Center during their stop in Peoria.