Jesse Jackson Jr. asks to go to prison before wife

Jun 17, 2013

Ex-Congressman Jesse Jackson Junior is asking a judge to send him to prison before his wife.  Both Jacksons are set to be sentenced next month for misusing $750,000 in campaign cash.  IPR’s Alex Keefe reports: 

 Lawyers for Jackson Junior argued Monday that he’s currently in no condition to support the couple’s two children.  The former Congressman is bi-polar.  

 So they’re asking a judge to allow Sandi Jackson to stay with the kids first while the former Congressman does his time.

 Both pleaded guilty to stealing campaign money, and blowing it on lavish personal items.

 Their lawyers are arguing for lenient sentences.

 Prosecutors originally wanted staggered sentences for the sake of the Jackson children - with Sandi Jackson serving her 18 months first, then her husband serving four years.

 Also Monday, Jackson’s lawyers argued the couple can’t afford the 1-and-a-half million dollars the government’s demanding.

 A judge is set to decide the Jacksons’ fate when they’re sentenced next month.