Jesse White announces re-election bid

Sep 12, 2013

Illinois’ long-time Secretary of State announced Thursday he is running for re-election.  But Democrat Jesse White says it may be his last term in office.

 White is seeking an un-precedented fifth term as the constitutional officer most notably in charge of issuing drivers licenses and license plates.

 The influential Chicago Democrat is 79 years old - or, as he puts it...

 WHITE:...still a youthful 79. So, yet, this may be my last tour of duty.

 White says he wants to continue to cracking down on drunk and distracted driving. And, of course, keeping down wait times at state drivers’ facilities. WHITE: Individuals who use the services of the Secretary of State’s Office no longer will have to bring their duffel bag, sleeping bag or their lunch pail. We wanna make sure that they get the services that they richly need and deserve in a timely manner.

 White has won all three of his re-election bids by wide margins.

 And as of right now, he seems to have no challenger from either party.