Jessie Jackson Jr., wife sentenced to jail

Aug 14, 2013

Former Illinois Congressman Jesse Jackson Junior and his wife are both headed to prison for stealing $750,000 in campaign cash. As IPR’s Alex Keefe reports, they were sentenced Wednesday by a federal judge in Washington DC: 

The former Congressman is going to prison first - for two-and-a-half years - while Sandi Jackson stays with their two kids. Then the former Chicago alderman must spend a year in prison herself. Jackson Junior told reporters after Wednesday's hearing he still believes in the power of forgiveness:

"Today I manned up and tried to accept responsibilities for the errors of my ways. And I still believe in the Resurrection."

The federal judge excoriated the couple for using campaign funds like a personal piggy bank - to buy fur coats and a Rolex watch. Defense Attorney Reid Weingarten told reporters Jackson Junior’s fall from grace is complete:

"Uh, Jesse Jackson went from an enormously respected, charismatic, long-term member of Congress to a convicted felon who’s about to be incarcerated."

The ex-Congressman has at least until November to report to prison.