John Deere donating $400,000 to maintain National Mall grounds

Sep 27, 2013

John Deere will soon have a very visible presence in our nation's capital. Friday the Trust for the National Mall announced the company will donate $400,000 worth of grounds care equipment to maintain the mall, which extends from the Capitol to the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, and includes several war memorials.  Caroline Cunningham, president of the Trust, says a multi-year restoration project is underway for the more than 700-acre mall - each year it hosts 3,000 events and 25 million visitors.

 “As you know what’s going on in Washington right now and with the federal budget cuts across the board, the national mall has really seen a reduction in the revenue they have to take care of this iconic space.  And so partnerships like John Deere…these kind of partnerships are essential,” Cunningham says.

 When approached by the Trust, Cunningham says Deere was eager to help.  She says the mall hosts more visitors each year than the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, and Yosemite parks combined.The Trust for the National Mall is trying to raise a total of 350 million dollars - to restore the mall and add amenities.