Judge supports District 150 firing of principal

Sep 9, 2013

Peoria Judge Michael Brandt says District 150 was correct in its firing of former principal Mary Davis.  Peoria Public Radio’s Alex Rusciano reports: 

 Davis was originally charged with 16 counts of theft and official misconduct, then pled guilty to a lesser charge.  A hearing officer concluded that Davis was improperly fired and should be reinstated. School Board Attorney Stanley Eisenhammer says Judge Brant found the hearing officer’s findings were erroneous and against the weight of evidence:

 “Essentially what he found was that her conduct was criminally and ethically inappropriate and warranted dismissal,” Eisenhammer says.  

 Davis now has 30 days to appeal the decision.  In other business, six of the district’s union heads are forming a new group informally known as the Union Leadership Council.  It’s charged with boosting communications between teachers, security maintenance and support workers to help make the district better for students and staff.  The group isn’t take up specific issues yet, but says the goal is to present future solutions to the administration when they arise.