Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center launching new partnership

Feb 28, 2014

A 25-million dollar gift will help the Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center move forward. Specifically on creating programs, projects, and products that could improve access to health care.

Jump Trading is a financial technology firm the training center is named for. The organization is making the additional donation toward the third floor of the facility that will house an area for Engineering and Simulation Research Development. The OSF Healthcare Foundation will match the gift.

The 50-million dollars will go into an endowment fund for research projects between Jump and the U of I Urbana-Champaign’s College of Engineering. John Vozenilek says they will work to improve the types of devices used to train doctors, nurses and other medical staff. 

“I frankly think that it isn’t just an academic project or just a project in health care. This will certainly improve the care that patients receive in central Illinois. But it’s also an opportunity for economic growth and development because we do believe that in the health care-technology zone, there are new start-ups that might come out.”

Vozenilek says Jump has been working with the U of I College of Engineering for more than a year. That includes exploring ways to enhance 3-D printing and making it more clinically relevant. The U of I is also providing support equivalent to a 12 and half million dollar endowment.