Justice O'Connor speaks to Peoria leaders

Apr 10, 2013

The nation’s first US Supreme Court Justice concluded her two day visit to the Tri-county with brunch at the Federal Courthouse. Sandra Day O’Connor spoke before a room of about two hundred people. She says she’s traveled to see the highest courts in other countries and still believes in the US court system.

“We exchange our ideas in a civilized, educated manner and I think we do every well. We are lucky with our court system here. And it starts with the district courts that we have, some of them sit in this very building. And we’ve been lucky to have wonderful district court judges,” says Justice O’Connor.

 Justice O’Connor says the district court is important because its where the federal judicial process begins. She praised the trial and appellate court judges of the Central District of Illinois. And Justice O’Connor encouraged people to continue government education in school