Kirk takes flak from group opposing homosexuality

Nov 15, 2013

Illinois Republican U.S. Senator Mark Kirk is taking flak from a group that opposes homosexuality after Kirk abruptly cancelled its Capitol Hill symposium.  

 The Rockford-based Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society wanted to hold a conference Friday about - what it calls - “natural family” policies in other countries.

That includes a controversial Russian law - banning non-traditional sexual propaganda - that’s been blamed for anti-gay sentiment there.

 But Howard Center Vice President Larry Jacobs says Kirk’s office pulled the plug on Thursday.

 JACOBS: It’s really, I think, a sad day for freedom of speech, as well as just the process of government, when you can’t discuss important issues - vital issues.

 A spokesman for Kirk - who supports gay marriage - says the senator’s office made the reservation BEFORE it learned of the group’s policies.

 In a statement, spokesman Lance Trover said Kirk will not host groups that - quote - “advance a hateful agenda.”Jacobs said his group still held its symposium Friday - after booking a room through Republican House Speaker John Boehner.