Labor, environmental groups talk clean energy in Peoria

Apr 16, 2014

Area labor and environmental groups both see the need to grow sustainable energy markets in Illinois.  The question seems to be the best way to make the transition.  Both groups met in Peoria Wednesday during a meeting hosted by State Senator Dave Koehler and Representative Jehan Gordon.  Koehler says it’s positive to have both groups talk about ways to keep or grow new jobs during the transition to wind, solar and other forms of clean energy:

 “Yes we are decentralizing our energy production. But there’s still are a lot of jobs in that. And what we have to do is figure out ways to make the solar panels and wind turbines in Illinois. We know they have to be installed here because they either go on your roof or your farm. And those need to continue to be jobs that support electricians, and carpenters and cement finishers and all that,” Koehler says.   

 The groups also want to see the state spend more money from its Renewable Energy Resources Fund.  Officials say that can free up money for residents and businesses looking to install solar panels and other clean energy alternatives.