LaHood and Davis Tour Springfield During Congressional Break

Apr 19, 2017

U-S Representatives Darin LaHood and Rodney Davis are out touring their districts together in Central Illinois. With a capricious president leading the party, the congressmen are part of a Republican majority looking for a path forward. Illinois Public Radio's Tom Lisi caught up with them at an event in Springfield.

LaHood and Davis are joining forces to make Route 66 a Historic National Trail. One problem? President Trump’s budget would gut the National Park Service. Republicans seem to be pulling in all directions these days. Here’s LaHood speaking on healthcare:

“Our republican caucus, we’re like a big family. We don't agree on everything but we have to come together to come up with a solution. So, this recess that I’ve been home, I’ve been talking to a lot of people on both sides of it, trying to get some consensus on we do to move forward.”

Congressman Davis mentioned tax reform, but there’s not much consensus on that yet either. Both lawmakers say they’re hearing from Illinois voters with different ideas on various issues.

Tonight LaHood will be near Peoria holding his first town hall event since the November election.