Land near Peoria shopping center could be re-zoned

Apr 4, 2013

  The Peoria City Zoning Commission is deferring a vote that would re-classify six-acres of residential property for commercial use.  Developer David Joseph wants the city to re-zone 13 vacant parcels and one rental property near Big Hollow Shopping Center.  Area resident Lorrie Venzon was among about 10 people who oppose re-zoning the property:

 “I’m just concerned from the safety standpoint and also my homeowner value going down even more, affecting children being able to play in the area,” Venzon says.

 Commission members deferred the vote for a month, saying they want more information about possible commercial uses for the land. Bob Hall is a lawyer for the developer. He says it’s tough to give specifics before a final vote to re-zone the parcels:

 “Tenants aren’t willing to commit to get us to the point where we can invest the money and really take it that far until such time as we have some better indication,” Hall says.

 Hall says the developer plans to present conceptual drawings for the property next month. But he says no specific businesses are planned for the six-acre property.