At-Large Council Seat Awaits Final Count

Mar 9, 2017

The Peoria County Election Commission makes the results of the Feb. 28th Primary official Thurs.

Most all races in Peoria County are solidly determined, but one of the four at-large spots on the general election ballot is still not 100 percent.

When the votes were counted election night Amr Elsamny was ahead of Rob Hanauer by 8 votes. But the mailed ballots that came in by last Fri., had Elsamny up by one vote. The mailed ballots that have arrived so far this week have Hanauer ahead by four. Tom Bride is the Executive Director of the Peoria County Election Commissioner.

Credit Cass Herrington / Peoria Public Radio

“Any vote by ballot that was mailed on election and gets to our office by noon we’ll count,” Bride said.

The Peoria Election Commission Canvas happens at 2pm.

Bride says the top four vote getters in Peoria’s At-Large election will be placed on the ballot immediately after the meeting. He says it has to happen that quickly. Early voting for Peoria’s April 4th general election starts Fri. But a candidate could still ask for a discovery recount.

However, any official challenge or contesting of the results would require court action.