Last debate for Republican governor candidates

Mar 13, 2014

The Republican candidates for Illinois governor have debated for the final time.  

  WTTW’s Phil Ponce asked venture capitalist Bruce Rauner why he’d be a good governor when he’s had no work experience in government.

  RAUNER: This is all about leadership.

  The other three talked about being in the minority party for the past 10 years.

  State Senator Kirk Dillard.

  DILLARD: I’m running for governor because I can’t effectuate the kinds of changes that I want in this state.

  State Senator Bill Brady.

  BRADY: I brought pension reform to the State of Illinois. 

  Treasurer Dan Rutherford.

  RUTHERFORD: I am proud of my career in the legislature, as a citizen legislator.

  The candidates won’t debate on tv any more...  But the ads will go on - at least until Tuesday.