Lawmaker files resolution calling on governor to spend more time in Springfield

Sep 19, 2013

A central Illinois legislator has filed a resolution calling on the governor to spend more time in the capital city.  IPR'S Amanda Vinicky reports.

You never know what'll come up during a candidates' debate.  Back in 2010, it was Gov. Pat Quinn's underwear. As proof that he lives in Springfield, Quinn offered that he keeps his underwear at the governor's mansion.

It's become clear he also keeps pairs in Chicago. Like his predecessor, Rod Blagojevich, Quinn has repeatedly come under fire for not spending enough time in the capital. One reporter calculated that Quinn spent less than 14 percent of his time in Springfield over the last year; another media outlet found that the year he took office, Quinn only spent 55 nights in what he called "the people's house."

Rep. C.D. Davidsmeyer, R - Jacksonville, has filed a resolution urging the governor to at least stay at the mansion during legislative session days.

"I think this sets an expectation," he says.  "It doesn't tie the governor's hands by any means by saying 'you have to live in the mansion'. It just says 'we encourage you to be there to help us lead in the right direction.'"

Davidsmeyer says it's not meant to attack Quinn; it would apply to any future governor. He says it's important that the governor be available to help legislators negotiate and make deals. Quinn's office says the governor goes wherever he has work to do.