Lawmakers considered numerous measures for IL veterans

Jun 4, 2013

Illinois lawmakers considered at least two-dozen proposals related to veterans during the spring session.Among those getting approval, allowing prospective law enforcement officers to substitute a college degree with military experience, and reducing requirements for veterans to obtain hunting licenses.  Republican Representative C-D Davidsmeyer of Jacksonville, sponsored several pieces of military legislation.  But he says there are limits:

 “I think that a lot of times you’ll see somebody throw the word “veterans” into some bill that may be a bad bill otherwise, but it looks better if you throw the word veterans into it because we all do appreciate the work they’ve done on our behalf. But at the end of the day, we have to make sure that it’s a good, safe bill for everyone involved.”

 A measure that would have counted some veterans as in-state residents while attending Illinois universities was one that failed to pass.