Lawmakers Weigh Deal to Save Nuclear Plants

Nov 17, 2016

Exelon's Clinton power station is located near Clinton Lake, and began operations in 1987.
Credit Daniel Schwen / Wikipedia

Illinois legislators are weighing whether to allow a big hike in energy prices. It's meant in part to save Exelon's nuclear power plants in Clinton and the Quad cities, and many jobs in those communities. AARP's Julie Vahling, however, says energy is unlike food, shelter and other necessities. People have very little choice when it comes to getting power.


"The publicized profits Exelon and companies like Commonwealth Edison continue to report are reason enough that consumers should not be asked to bail out the successful corporation."


As natural gas fracking has lowered energy prices, it's become relatively more expensive to run nuclear plants. Some environmentalists say with concerns about global warming, low-carbon nuclear energy ought to be supported.

The legislation goes beyond saving the nuclear plants, it affects just about every type of power producer and consumer in Illinois.