Lawsuit alleges Rutherford sexually assaulted ex-employee

Feb 10, 2014

A lawsuit has been filed Monday against Dan Rutherford- Illinois’ Treasurer and a Republican candidate for governor.  A warning to sensitive listeners - the suit includes allegations of sexual assault leveled by a former employee. 

Edmund Michalowski is suing Rutherford - and Rutherford’s chief-of-staff - on two different counts.  Michalowski alleges the Treasurer had him perform political activities on state time.  Michalowski also says he went to an employee retreat - that was held at Rutherford’s downstate Chenoa home.   Michalowski says he was the only guest there.

He alleges when he went to bed in the guest room - Rutherford came in and fondled him.

Michalowski says he left immediately.  He says when he reported the alleged abuse to Rutherford’s chief-of-staff - there was no follow-up.

Rutherford has been anticipating the lawsuit.  For the last week - he has been telling reporters that the allegations are false - without discussing the actual details.  Rutherford has also accused Bruce Rauner - a Republican opponent in the governor’s race of being behind the lawsuit.

Rauner denies any involvement.