Learning the Affordable Care Act

Apr 2, 2013

Health care insurance and the changes coming for employers was the topic of a seminar offered by the Peoria Chamber of Commerce. Laura Minzer is the Vice President of the Illinois Chamber of Commerce. She says communication between employees and employers will play a key role in navigating the coming changes. Minzer says health care is very personal and is already complicated.  

Minzer: “It’s expensive. It can be a headache when you talk about what is a deductible, what is a premium, what is affordable, what is not affordable. It just adds a lot of layers that from an employer's standpoint can be of value to their employees and helping them navigate beyond just what is prescribed by the affordable care act.”            

Employer coverage requirements, the new penalty system and the state health insurance exchange are some of the topics those in attendance learned. 70 people attended the event. The Chamber says so many people asked to attend the Affordable Care informational, they are hosting another luncheon May 13.