Legislative boundaries and term limits to be reviewed by judge

Jun 18, 2014


Two ballot initiatives that would alter politics in Springfield are now in the hands of a Cook County judge.

One single lawsuit is looking to wipe out two questions that could be posed to voters. One asks if state lawmakers should have term limits being restricted to eight years.

The other question seeks to appoint a bipartisan group to draw legislative boundaries rather than have those drawn by the ruling political party.

Mark Campbell is a spokesman for the term limits effort and says the legal challenge is political.

"This is very simple. If the court rules on the law, term limits will be on the ballot. If they rule on the politics, well, then that’s going to be a great tragedy for the voters of this state."

Attorneys seeking to kick term limits and redistricting off the ballot say the way the questions are worded is unconstitutional. They say the people pushing term limits and redistricting added unrelated provisions to get around the constitution.

However the Cook County judge rules the questions are likely to end up before the state Supreme Court.