Lincoln Tomb to close for repairs

Nov 7, 2013

Abraham Lincoln's final resting place will be off limits to visitors for a few months as repairs are made. 

 The Lincoln Tomb at Oak Ridge Cemetery in Springfield houses the former President, his wife and three of their four children.   The state is investing more than 600 thousand dollars to restore interior finishes that have deteriorated over the years.  That includes plaster molding, paint, wall panels and plaques. 

 The project will begin December first and won't be complete until early March.  The tomb will be closed to the public during that time.   Repairs have been necessary throughout its history, the most notable was finished in 1901 at which time Lincoln and his family were interred for the final time.  Their caskets were temporarily kept in a subterranean vault while workers were on site.  Lincoln won't be moved this time.  He's buried under 10 feet of cement, a move made to thwart grave robbers.