Local lawmakers react to State of the State

Jan 30, 2014

State Senator Darin LaHood says the governor’s rhetoric does not match Illinois’ reality.

“He’s had five years to try and turn around this economy, and it hasn’t been done. We’re going the opposite direction.  We are dead last in every financial category.  Our credit rating has been downgraded six different times in the last three years.  So, when I hear the governor give this speech, I don’t know what planet he’s on in terms of the state of Illinois.”

The Peoria-area Republican says the business climate in Illinois needs to change.  He says that should be changes to the workers’ compensation system, tax restructuring and fewer regulations. 

Democratic Representative Jehan Gordon-Booth, of Peoria, is wary of Governor Pat Quinn's call for raising the minimum wage to at least ten dollars an hour.

"Ten dollars does not bring people out of poverty. The other reality is: big businesses — they'll figure it out, they'll manage it, they'll raise the price of Big Macs, raise the price of drinks. But how does a small business owner manage that minimum wage hike?"

Gordon-Booth says she would rather focus on working with community colleges, so low-wage workers can improve their skills and find higher-paying jobs.