Madigan supports Derrick Smith amid indictment

Mar 12, 2014

Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan is supporting a fellow state representative for re-election - who is also under indictment.  

Chicago incumbent Derrick Smith has pleaded not guilty to taking a 7-thousand dollar bribe in exchange for supporting a grant. After his indictment, his fellow House members voted to expel him. But Smith was re-elected anyway.

Speaker Madigan, who also chairs the state Democratic Party,  has given money to Smith’s campaign, even though Madigan voted to kick him out. 

Steve Brown is Madigan’s spokesman. He says the Democratic Party supports its incumbents.

BROWN: "Well, in a country where you’re innocent until proven guilty, it’s something the voters will consider when they go to the polls."

Smith faces Eddie Winters and Pamela Reaves-Harris in next week’s primary. Both are supported by some aldermen. Antwon Hampton and Beverly Perteet are also running.