Making government work

Jul 18, 2013

 17th District Congresswoman Cheri Bustos is part of a bipartisan team sponsoring nine bills being called the Make Government Work package. 

The East Moline Democrat says members of the House and Senate group called The Problem Solvers presented the package of proposals. Bustos says the government transformation bill she’s sponsoring is part of the package.  

“They represent good ideas that both sides of the aisle certainly can agree on. Among the ideas is encouraging more government teleconferencing to cut down on government travel and hotel costs,” Bustos says. “There’s another one that incentivizes efforts to cut cost by making government buildings more energy efficient.”

 Merging the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs electronic health records is another initiative in the package of bills. A 2-year federal budget and ‘no budget - no congressional pay’ proposals are also included in the field as well as a proposal to consolidate the Federal Government’s 47 job training programs, 44 of which reportedly overlap. 

The Make Government Work package of legislative proposals is estimated to realize $400 bIllion in savings over 10 years.