Man found floating in the Illinois River has been identified

Jun 12, 2013

Emergency workers wait for the coroner to arrive at the Fire Department's Marine Rescue Station.
Credit Tanya Koonce / WCBU
The Peoria County Coroner says the man fished out of the Illinois River last night is 31-year old Matthew Nettles of Washington. 

This is the second man the Peoria Fire Department’s Marine Rescue has removed from the Illinois River in about 40-days.   

Peoria Police Captain Mike Eddlemon says it’s a relatively unusual set of circumstances, but the geography offers the likelihood. “It does happen. Obviously we have a major waterway running through our city," Eddlemon says. “It’s a gathering point for our communities on both sides of the river. So accidents are going to happen. You know it’s tragic and we try to do the things to make people aware and prevent those things. But it is part of being where we’re at.”

The Peoria County Coroner says an autopsy is scheduled Nettles. Police say they’re waiting for more information to determine how to proceed with an investigation.